Parthering with the Valley Conservatory to Educate Talented Young Musicians
as They Continue to Advance on Their Musical Journey
in Memory of Highly Accomplished Local Musician Danny Hall

The Danny Hall Memorial Music Scholarship is offered by the Microwave Dave Music Education Foundation

(MDMEF) in collaboration with Valley Conservatory.  The scholarship pays for a year of music lessons, and

is awarded each year to a talented young musician who could benefit from further training, and who needs financial help.


This scholarship is named for the highly accomplished local Huntsville musician, Danny Hall, who passed away

in 2018.  Criteria and guidelines for applicants were jointly developed by MDMEF and our music education

partner, Valley Conservatory.


The Foundation works with local musicians, educators and music teachers to support and promote music education in North Alabama.  The Danny Hall Memorial Scholarship is part of that mission.  Through this scholarship program, MDMEF hopes to foster talented young musicians, and enable them to progress in their craft.  We are privileged to have Valley Conservatory as a partner in this project.


The first recipient --awarded the scholarship in 2019-- was Danny's son, Jonah Hall.


Instructions are included in the scholarship application link