"partnering with North Alabama educators to facilitate musical performances by accomplished local musicicians in a classroom environment"

The Microwave Dave Music Education Foundation was created at the request of Microwave Dave Gallaher to provide an opportunity for the appreciation of music in the classrooms of North Alabama. The ongoing work of the foundation represents the manifestation of his vision to expose students to live musical performances that they otherwise may not experience during such formative years.


Having discovered his life’s calling to become a musician as a fourth grader while observing a singer-songwriter presenting material to his class, Dave has long been an advocate for music in the schools. Both as a solo artist and together with his band, the celebrated Huntsville Alabama resident has played countless concerts in the classrooms of the Madison County school system as service work to his community. Through these performances, he shares his passion for music while educating and inspiring area youth to follow their dreams.


The “Concerts in the Classrooms" program is the brainchild of Microwave Dave Gallaher and the flagship program of The Microwave Dave Music Education Foundation. By introducing students to accomplished local musicians through these mini concerts, our hope is to stimulate young minds with not only the joy of a live performance —but also a piqued interest in the many facets of music and a newfound awareness of its value in a curriculum of higher learning.


These "musical lessons" allow opportunities for students to enjoy a contrast of different genres, music history, songwriting and storytelling. Like Dave, the musicians that come into the classrooms have a passion for their art and offer an advanced knowledge of the music business as well as thought provoking insights about how music relates to the world around us (e.g current and historical events, global and human interest topics, etc). By integrating students and musicians with a genuine focus for the dynamics of the art, we hope to facilitate a greater appreciation of music as not only a quality of life enhancement but also an educational tool.


The concerts are directed at all grade levels and accentuate the connection between music and education. At the elementary level, time is allotted for an open discussion —a period when students can ask the musicians questions about any and all aspects of the creative process. Students learn about different kinds of music and instruments while enjoying the musical experience. At the secondary level, efforts are made to tie music together to American history and creative writing. A more elaborate variety of genres and instruments are explored. Music is considered as it relates to everyday life experiences.


Our primary aim is to inspire students to think in innovative ways that will improve their lives and prepare them to pursue whatever dreams may be on the horizon. As an attractive side effect, our hope is that —by exposing them to the featured artist’s passion and musical talent at such an early age— students might draw inspiration from the experience and choose to incorporate this beautiful art into their lives in some way as they move into adulthood. It is through your generous donations that we will be able to continue to schedule more classroom concerts and touch the lives of more students.


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